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Image of a Space Flash

I occasionally receive images from people who think they have received a painting or photo from John Macpherson.  Sometimes the images have a caption, partial story, or some identifying information, but often there is little or no accompanying text.  I don’t know whether it’s intentional or some quirk in John’s correspondence–but the stories and captions for these images often end up in the email boxes of other people.

I have posted some of these images.  To view them, click on either of these links:

Mystery Images

Picture Gallery

If you have a caption or story for any of these images, please send me the information by using the Leave a Reply comment boxes.

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Author’s Note: How to contribute captions or stories:

You can contribute a caption or story for the current Mystery Image by using the Leave a Reply box. I’ll hold those captions until I get enough to select a “Top Five” group. Then, I’ll post the five captions or stories that I think are the most creative and representative of the spirit of John Macpherson.

Mystery Image 1

Here’s another way to contribute: The link below will take you to the Picture Gallery. You are welcome to submit a caption or story to any image with a “Leave a Reply” box.  Looking at other images on this site will give you an idea of the kinds of captions characteristic of this story.

Any submission to the gallery that captures the sense of this story will be posted.  In general, shorter is better than longer. Limiting posts to about 200 words or less is probably a good idea.

Multiple submissions are encouraged, so feel free to contribute additional stories to images that already have stories posted.

Picture Gallery

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Teacher Resources:

Teachers have discovered that this site is a high interest resource for lessons in writing and art.  Lesson plans and student response sheets can be found by following the Teacher Pages link at the right.

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