Mystery Email: A Gathering of Unusual Pictures and Stories

This web site began as a story, the tale of a man who traveled the world in search of magic and the bookstore where it all began.

The bits and pieces of the story had been hidden away in my computer for years, archived in the Sent and Received folders of my email files.  I decided that the time had come to share them.

I was just 11 years old when these things happened.  I didn’t know that my correspondence with Mr. Macpherson would ever be published.  If I’d known, I might have kept better notes or explained some of the things that happened more fully.  With the passing of time, some of the details have disappeared forever.

But sometimes stories take on lives of their own.  This one certainly has.  Since I first posted my story online, I have been contacted by other individuals who also seem to have had contacts with Mr. Macpherson.  You can find their stories and pictures by following the links at the right.

Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”  I’ll leave the definition of reality to you, but I’d like to invite you to look around.  Perhaps the stories and pictures will stir your imagination.  Perhaps they will give you new perspectives on reality. I think you’ll find that the quest for answers about John Macpherson’s correspondence has turned this web site into a gathering place for creative and imaginative minds.

If you have pictures, illustrations, captions, or stories that you’d like to share, please follow the Mystery Images link at the top of this page. Comments about this site are welcome below.

As I’ve mentioned, some of the parts of my story are missing.  But this is a story of magic, and magic can help you fill in the blanks.  My name is Daniel Michael Moore, and this is how it happened…

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