Curved Earth

Fantasy photo of tree on curved landscape with cloud and star-filled sky for background.


The creature laughed.  Your scientists say that space and time can be curved, but they need a black hole to make that happen.

Marie stared at the creature.  “You can curve space and time?”

“Of course,” it said.

“And you could do it right now?”

The creature nodded.

“OK, then prove it.”

The creature shrugged.  “See that tree by the edge of the pond?”

Marie nodded.

“Close your eyes!”

“They’re closed.”

“Sit down,” said the creature.

Marie sat on the grass.

“No peeking!” said the creature.  “Humans shouldn’t know how to do this.”

“I’m not peeking,” said Marie.

“Here goes,” said the creature.

Marie felt a ripple move through the ground.  That was followed by a whiff of an odd scent.  It was reminiscent of the ozone that hangs in the air after a lightning strike.

“OK,” said the creature, matter-of-factly.  “You can look now.”

Marie opened her eyes.  She stood up and stared at the scene in front of her.  Her eyes widened.  “It’s the edge of the universe!” she said.

“Well, as much of an edge as the universe has,” said the creature.

“Can I walk over and look?”

“Of course,” said the creature.  “But don’t get too close.  If you fall off, there’s nothing I can do.  And, you’d better hurry.  It’s not going to last long.”


Submission note: I’m volunteer fire fighter from southern Nevada.  This photo and note were attached to the work schedule my captain sent me last month.  Although the same email was sent to all the volunteers in our group, I’m apparently the only one who received the attachment.  I showed the photo and note to my captain, and he has no idea how I received it.  He says he’s never seen it before.

(Name withheld by request)



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