Email 11

From:  daniel
Subject:  Question about pictures

Dear Mr. Macpherson,

I’ve gotta admit, I was surprised to see your note.  I’m glad you wrote back.  My journal never did.  Ha.  But, I always figured I’d eventually hear from you.

Finding your email address wasn’t easy.  I googled your name, but there must be about a hundred John Macphersons on the internet.  I probably clicked on about 99 of them before I found you.

A few years ago, you sent a short email asking whether anyone on Fantasy Artist’s Guild had any experience with selkies.  I got your email from the return address on your note.

I didn’t know anything about selkies until I looked them up.  I like how they can shed their seal skins and come onto land looking just like real people.  Did you ever paint a picture of a selkie?


P.S.  I’m still wondering about your photo, Sunlight on Dark Water.  Where did you take it?

I’m sending along a picture of a creature I drew this morning.  I’m not sure what it is. I just started sketching and this is what I got.

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