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Once I entered the cave, the tracks disappeared as the sand gave way to a smooth, stone floor.  About 30 meters in, I found a small wooden door set into the stone wall. The door wasn’t very high.  I remember thinking that I’d have to stoop to pass through.  It had a small brass door nob.  The nob turned easily, and I carefully pushed the door open.

The room ahead of me was pitch black.  I stepped slowly into the darkness, using my outstretched hand to keep from bumping into anything.  I hadn’t taken more than three or four steps when something hard pressed against my right leg.  I reached down to touch it.  It felt like a low table.  As I moved my hands across the surface, I found something round and smooth.  It was about the size of my fist.

There were voices again, whispering my name, asking me to pick up the object.  I looked around.  Maybe they were inside my head.

I picked up the object.   Somehow it was lighter, more delicate, than I’d expected.  As soon as I had the object in my hands, the whispering stopped and the object began to hum.

I don’t quite know how to describe the sound.  It had a low tone, very beautiful, very soft.   The sound was quite unusual–more like something I felt than something I heard.

As I held the object and listened to it hum, it began to quiver.  I watched in amazement as it began to glow, dimly at first and then more brightly.  Soon it was shining with a warm and beautiful light.

I set it back on the table, pulled my camera from my pack, and took a picture.


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