Email 28

Subject:  Re: Ghost Camel


1.  No one would believe me
2.  A few crackpots would show up in the Egyptian desert with hunting rifles and night-vision goggles, determined to turn a ghost camel into a trophy.

The creatures I seek are disappearing.  A few can still be found in old villages where people tell stories around fireplaces at night.  A few can be found where solitary cabins face the sea or stone huts cling to windswept hills.

But usually I have to travel far.  Lonely mountain ridges where ancient rocks brush the clouds.  Wide plains, miles from any road, where the grass whispers as the sun goes down.  Dark forests in the deep of winter, where snow hangs on evergreen boughs and silence seeps into your body with the cold.

There aren’t many places like that left.


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