Email 3

Subject:  Question about pictures

Dear Mr. Macpherson,

I found your paintings in a book called Best Fantasy Art of the 70s.  Here are some of my favorites (of the ones you painted):

page 46, top, Ghost Camel
page 48, Music Tree
page 45, Well Ogre

But the picture I’ve been looking at the most is Sunlight on Dark Water.  It’s not a painting, is it?  I think it’s a photo.  That’s a compliment to you.  Usually I’m not that interested in photographs of scenery.

I have a question about the photo.  Way down in the lower right hand corner, if you look real close, you can see two tiny dots on the water  They’re kind of a golden yellow color.  I was just wondering about them.

I’ve scanned a copy of the photo and I’m attaching it to this email, just to be sure you know which picture I’m talking about.

But, you probably already knew, didn’t you?


Photo of Sunlight on Dark Water

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