Email 4

From:  daniel
Subject:  Question about pictures

Dear Mr. Macpherson,

O.K., I’ll admit it.  I didn’t know anything about your art until last Wednesday. That’s when Jezebel knocked over a pile of books.

I was sorting books for Ms. Chadwick.  I work in her bookstore two days a week after school.  That’s how I earn a little extra money for my college fund.  I’m only 11 years old, so college is still a long ways off, but Mom wants me to start saving.  I also get one free (used) book to take home each week.  That’s a bonus, because I read lots of books.

Ms. Chadwick’s bookstore is called The Cat’s Meow Books.  It’s open Tuesday-Friday afternoons and Thursday and Friday nights.  Jezebel is Ms. Chadwick’s one-eyed cat. She has poofy, dark-brown fur, black rings on her tail, and really sharp claws.  (That’s Jezebel, not Ms. Chadwick.)  She’ll pounce on anything that moves, so don’t ever try walking around the bookstore in flip-flops.

Anyway, last Wednesday Jez came racing around the corner.  She had her head down, ears back, and she was moving like her tail was on fire.  That’s how Jez gets when she’s chasing a mouse, and we’ve got a few in the store.  But, when Jez hit the tile floor she went into a high-speed skid, lost her balance, and slammed into a stack of books.

Jez lay there for a couple of seconds.  I was hoping she hadn’t  hurt herself, and I hurried over to take a look.  But Jez just got up, shook her head, and started licking one of her paws.  Then she strolled off, tail in the air, like crashing into those books was just what she meant to do.  You know how cats are.

A book called Best Fantasy Art of the 70s was lying on the floor.  When it fell off the stack, it hit the floor and opened up.  It looked like someone who’d been reading it had just set it down.  But then something weird happened.

Pages started flipping from left to right.  It looked like someone was blowing on them.  I watched as the pages flew by.  Then, just as suddenly, they stopped–dead still.  And they didn’t move again.

Guess whose paintings were staring up at me from that open book?


P.S.  Besides drawing, I also like to write.  Do you like to write too?

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