Email 8

From:  daniel
Subject:  Question about pictures

Dear Mr. Macpherson,

I’m curious about where you get the inspiration for your art.  My friend, Natalya, has a dad who’s an artist.  Well, he’s not a full-time artist.  He’s actually a plumber.  He has his own van.  It’s dark blue with the words Petrov’s Plumbing written in white letters on the side.  Natalya and I helped him paint on the letters.

But I still think he’s an artist because he makes jewelry at night.  He sells his jewelry on the internet.  Guess what he calls his jewelry business?  If you guessed Petrov’s Jewelry you’re right.

I asked Natalya’s dad, once, where he gets the inspiration for his art.  He just shrugged and said everywhere.  But, that didn’t really help me.


P.S.  I’m sending along a sketch I did during math class today.  I probably should have been paying more attention to my teacher, but I had this idea I just had to get down on paper.

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