Fire Breath



“Look,” said Henry.  “Have you ever seen a Pyrex bajaensis this large?”

Randy adjusted his headlamp and peered at the creature sitting quietly on the large rock.  “No,” he admitted.  “It is, by far, the largest specimen I’ve ever seen.”

“And what’s it doing out at night?” said Henry.  “Isn’t Pyrex bajaensis a strictly diurnal species?”

“That’s true,” said Randy, still staring at the creature.  “I’ve never seen one out at night.”

“Notice the black edge around its mouth,” said Henry.  “Isn’t that a bit unusual?”

“Well, yes,” said Randy.  “The coloration of the mouth edge is usually orange.  But get a grip on yourself, Henry.  What on earth would lead you to the preposterous claim that this slightly unusual specimen of Pyrex bajaensis can breath fire?”

“Well,” said Henry.  “Watch what happens when I grab its tail…”


Submission note: This was sent to me anonymously from the biology department of a university in Arizona.


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