Japanese Magic

Yukie Hisakawa (San Francisco) sent me this image.  It was forwarded to her from her father, Hiroshi, who lives in a small farming village in Hokkaido.  He was sitting in his home one evening reading haiku by Yosa Buson, an 18th century Japanese poet and painter, when a small yellow bird landed on the sill of his open window.  The bird looked around the room, then flew to a nearby bush and began singing, as Hiroshi explains, “the most beautiful of songs.”

Hiroshi put down his book and stepped outside to watch the bird.  After singing for several minutes, the bird suddenly flew away. Hiroshi walked back into his house.  Glancing at his computer, he saw this image–which had just arrived in an email.

We have no other information about this picture.  If you believe you have a caption, please send it to me.


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