Lantern Plant


Fantasy illustration of a mysterious plant with glowing lights at the ends of its branches

Lantern Plant

It took four pounds of hot dogs and one of Mrs. O’Leary’s strongest charms to distract the Rotweiler long enough for us to get over the fence and into Mr. McGregor’s garden.  Once we were there, we headed straight for the Lantern Plants. It was almost midnight, and we knew we didn’t have much time.  Suddenly Petra stopped and pointed.

Just ahead, a Lantern Plant was beginning to illuminate.  The berries at the ends of its branches began to glow.  Before long, the plant was shaking and squirming like a basket full of cobras.  As we watched, some of the glowing berries came loose and drifted away, like fireflies, into the darkness.

Submission note: I’m a County Agriculture Extension Agent in Northern Iowa.  I’m also the advisor to several Noxious Weed Control Boards in the area.  I received this note and picture last summer and have had it tacked to my bulletin board since then. One of my colleagues mentioned your web site and said I should send this to you.


Marcia Peterson
ISU Extension Agent

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