Pumpkin Astronomy

Image of a snail climbing wooden ladder to top of a pumpkin with a small telescope

Every evening for fourteen years, Helix had climbed the ladder to the observatory. Every night for fourteen years he had carefully searched the sky, looking for a sign. After all that time, he had nothing to show for his efforts.

But tonight was different.  Even a casual observer could see the spring in Helix’s foot and the way his antennae quivered with excitement.  Tonight, he knew, was the night it was going to happen.


Submission note: I’m a middle school science teacher from Sacramento, California.  I recently received this picture and caption through my school email.  It seemed like a prank email from one of my students, so I shared it will a couple of my science classes.  I wanted to see if I could get a lead on the creative mind behind this.  One of my students referred me to your web site and said I should send this to you.

Mark Adamson

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