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This story and web site reflect the collective efforts of many talented and creative people. Thank you for considering a submission to this site. At this point, however, it’s necessary to step out of character to go through a few permission steps.

Before you send your illustration, photograph, or writing, please read the following terms and conditions.  By sending material for use on this site, you are indicating that your submission is your original work and you are allowing your work to be used in the following ways:

1. I grant Stephen Kramer permission and the non-exclusive right to use my photograph/illustration/writing on his web site and in any other media publication based on this web site.

2. I acknowledge Stephen Kramer’s right to edit my submission at his discretion.

3. I acknowledge that Stephen Kramer may choose not to use my submission at this time, but may do so, at his discretion, at a later date.

4.  I acknowledge Stephen Kramer’s right to discontinue the use of my submission without notice.

5. An appropriate credit or acknowledgement for my submission will be posted on the web site. Similarly, appropriate credit or acknowledgement will be provided in any other media publication based on that uses my contribution.

6. Unless otherwise negotiated, there is no research, licensing, or use fee and the use of my material is on a gratis basis.

7. In submitting this material, I warrant that I am the artist/photographer/author who created the material and that I have the full right to grant permission to use the material without violation of third party rights. I grant Stephen Kramer the right to used the material in all the ways noted above.

Use the form below to submit your contribution:

A.  Photographs and illustrations should be sent as .jpg files.  Please submit them at 300 dpi resolution, if possible.  If selected for use on this site, I’ll publish them at 72 ppi resolution with a maximum width or length of 550 ppi.

B.  Messages can be sent to me in the message box below.

Unfortunately, I cannot respond personally to all submissions.  But, I will review them and I’ll be in touch if your submission is selected for use.  Again, this web site is the result of the creative work of many individuals, and I’m grateful for your willingness to contribute to this story.


Stephen Kramer,
Author and Developer of

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