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Welcome to the Teacher Resource Pages.  These pages provide ideas about how to use mysteryemail.com as a high-interest teaching tool.

Note: Before beginning a lesson using mysteryemail.com, be sure your server firewall is set to allow access to this site on student computers.

How to Begin

Lesson: Introducing the Site
Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Tell students you’ve recently come across an unusual web site and you’d like to know what they think of it.  Post the following questions.  Let students know that you’ll let them look around the site for 20 minutes. Then, you’ll have them write about one or more of the questions.

  • What is this web site about?
  • What is something interesting you read or saw?
  • What questions do you have?

1.  Start students on the slideshow/music on the home page (see top menu).  Then, allow students to explore other links of their choice.

2.  After 20 minutes, have students write about one or more of the questions.

3.  After about 10 minutes of writing, have students pair/share their responses with another student.

4.  Finally, have students volunteer to share their ideas and discoveries in a whole class discussion.  Responses can be recorded on chart paper or a whiteboard.

Download Student Worksheet: Exploring Mystery Email

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